Guide to finding the right childminder


Obviously your main concern is your child so below we have selected  a few points that may help in your search and also, some points that you should make sure are in place, ensuring that the childminder you have chosen is the right one for you.


Ofsted Registration


Ofsted took over registration of childminders from the local authority in September 2001. Ofsted carry out checks on a childminder roughly every three years.  These checks are on the person's suitability (childminder and anyone over the age of 16 living/working on the premises)  and the premises/building where children are being care for.   All childminders will have a certificate registered by Ofsted and this will be available on request.




All childminders must have Public Liability Insurance. Insurance is renewable by the childminder yearly.  A current Insurance document should be available for you to see.  There are various insurers such as National Childminding Association and Morton Michel.



It is advisable that you know the hours you require before making the intial phone call as only particular times/days may be available to the childminder of your choice.


Note a few questions regarding your requirements/preferences before your childminding interview.  Note any  special requests  that you may require.  There are many questions that cannot be answered  in that short initial phone call such as  pets, sleeping/feeding routines and other details that may be more personal to you.  You must ensure that you have covered all areas of concern and feel assured that you are getting the service you require. 




Most experienced childminders will have either written  or verbal  references available.  It is advisable that you take the opportunity to read the references or speak to the parents willing to give the verbal reference, as this is another way to ensure you are making the right choice.


and finally .....


Our main aim is to look after your children in a caring environment and hopefully making both child and parents happy.



We hope these few pointers will help you in your search and we wish you luck in your finding the right Childminder for you and your child.



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